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OVPA Show Choir Celebrates 19 Years of Talent
The 2018 Oaklawn Show Choir includes an OVPA ensemble of 60 talented 4th-5th grade students. For their 19th annual Christmas Show Choir Concert on Friday 12/21, performances featured jazzy, unique Christmas songs including "Jazzy Suzy Snowflake," "Singing Starlet Miss Snow Monroe," "Rudy Rudolph with a Country/Pop Flair," "ELFIS," and "Talented Tina Tinsel.” The OVPA Show Choir originated in 1999, and since that time has continued under Oaklawn Music Director Mrs. Kina Clayton. Since that time, Show Choir has performed for three Arkansas Governors and countless others at local, regional, and state venues.
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Trickster Tales Tie Comics & Digital Cartoons
Third grade Oaklawn students created their own Trickster Tales, or cultural stories that include one character who tricks another, and a moral or lesson. In a collaborative effort across third grade classrooms from all teachers and staff, students wrote their own Trickster Tales and then created four-part comic strips in art class to illustrate the tales. To build on the lesson even further, they transformed their comic strips to digital cartoons in the library media center. By integrating classroom standards into multiple mediums, students with all types of learning styles, needs, and interests benefit. A book of comic strips and digital cartoon archive of all third grade Trickster Tales is being compiled in the Oaklawn Library.
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HSSD Celebrates Spelling Bee Competitors
Last week, the HSSD hosted three spelling bees across the district for 1st - 8th grade students. HSSD Gifted and Talented Coordinator Mrs. Laura West coordinated the spelling bees, which are exciting competitions for students to improve their general spelling, vocabulary and language skills in a fun competition with their peers. All nine of our finalists - including first place winner and OVPA 5th grader Aniyah Burgess - will advance to the Garland County Spelling Bee on January 24, 2019 at the Gospel Light Baptist Church Auditorium (600 Garland Avenue, Hot springs) at 9:00 a.m. HSSD Spelling Bees are held in coordination with official rules and scripts from the Scripps National Spelling Bee so that they are uniform with those hosted across the U.S.
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Sensory Stations Enhance Learning at Oaklawn
It’s all about providing balance for Mrs. Elizabeth (Graves) Roach in her first grade classroom at Oaklawn Visual & Performing Arts (OVPA) Magnet School. Through the use of sensory stations/exercises and kinesthetic learning techniques, she creates a unique classroom setting for a diverse of array of students with diverse needs and talents. Looking around, you may find a bean bin, shaving cream table, chalk desk, bouncy balls, water beads, and other non-traditional items because in her classroom all curriculum is tied to a sensory learning experience and student-led dialogue and problem solving.
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Principal's Message

Welcome To Oaklawn Visual & Performing Arts Magnet!

Jason Selig
Welcome to Oaklawn Visual and Performing Arts Magnet School!   My name is Jason Selig (Principal) and I I would like to introduce Kristen Gordon (Assistant Principal). We are very excited to begin our third year as principal and assistant principal here at Oaklawn Visual and Performing Arts Magnet as we work in partnership to ensure every student at Oaklawn Magnet is actively engaged in a rigorous arts-integrated learning experience while developing social-emotional skills that will foster resilience, perseverance, empathy and the ability to collaborate and communicate in a diverse learning and work community.   Oaklawn Magnet’s fundamental purpose is to ensure that all students learn and grow at high levels and therefore is extremely excited to begin a new journey, known as our PLC Journey, through the Arkansas Department of Education’s Professional Learning Communities (PLC) At Work Pilot Project.  This past summer Oaklawn Magnet was selected as one of nine schools out of seventy-four who applied in the state to embark on this journey to ensure that ALL students learn grade level essential skills and standards to prepare them for the next grade level and set the foundation for post-secondary success.

For the next three years our staff will be paired with a Solution Tree Associate to provide research based strategies to staff to accomplish our Mission, Vision, Values, and Goals, also known as, the Four Pillars of the PLC Process and to engage in an ongoing process in which staff work collaboratively in recurring cycles of collective inquiry and action research to achieve better results for the children we serve.  

We need the help of all parents to speak positively about our school and become involved in their child’s school simply supporting your child’s teacher and reading to students daily for twenty minutes throughout the school year! The Oaklawn Staff is extremely excited and motivated to provide all students the skills and knowledge needed to progress to the next grade level.  Our staff understands that it is our moral obligation to treat every student as if they were our own and guarantee students will learn at high levels and, if needed, will receive the extra time and support to do just that.

I appreciate all of your support for another fantastic school year filled with the Broadway Junior Play Mary Poppins, Annual Show Choir Performances, as well as Dance and Strings Recitals. I look forward to working with you to ensure the success of all of our students and hope you have a great year!!


Jason SeligOaklawn Visual and Performing Arts Magnet School Principal Email: seligj@hssd.net  Phone: (501)-623-2661